Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work project holds inaugural Industry Advisory Board Meeting, December 12, 2018. Pictured (L-R, back) are Bryan Albrecht, Kimberlee Millikan, Thomas Lichtenberger, Al Carlson, Brynt Parmeter and Mariano Carreras; and (L-R, front) Dawn Montemayor, Barbara Biller, and Tu Huynh. Not pictured: Jo-Anne Hongo.

Bryan Albrecht

President, Gateway Technical College

Barbara Biller

President, Intellitech, Inc.

Allen Carlson

Director, University of Florida Innovation Station

Mariano Carreras

International Training Manager, SMC International Training

Jo-Anne Hongo

Biotech Faculty, City College of San Francisco

Tu Huynh

Vice President, Infrastructure Technology Services, Comerica Bank

Thomas Lichtenberger

President and CEO, Festo Didactic

Kimberlee Millikan

Information Security Officer, Ascension Technologies

Dawn Montemayor

Virtual Chief Security Officer, CyberRisk Solutions

Brynt Parmeter

Director of Workforce Development, Education, and Training, NextFlex

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