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Michael Lesiecki, Host

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Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work — The Challenges

Michael Lesiecki, host
January 2019 | 00:15:02
Episode 1 Transcript

For many of today’s technicians the Future of Work is already in focus. They are cross-disciplinary workers, immersed in diverse platforms and interrelated systems that once belonged to single industry sectors.

This podcast series will explore the horizons of work from the perspective of industry partners, two-year college educators, technicians and NSF ATE leaders who are working together to transform technician education.

Who Owns the Skills Gap?

Al Carlson, University of Florida, Innovation Station, guest
February 2019 | 00:14:46
Episode 2 Transcript and Show Notes

Over the last ten years, the skills gap has increasingly been the subject of business roundtables, government agency forums and think tank research. Employers report struggling to find new workers with...

the skills they need. This means that both entry-level employees and incumbent workers need upskilling. Our guest in this episode says that if you think you're going to hire somebody off the street that knows how to press every button, forget it. So who owns this skills gap?

One of the Key Things to Measure — OEE

Mariano Carreras, International Training Manager, SMC International Training, guest
March 2019 | 00:19:17
Episode 3 Transcript

A gap may exist between industry practice and what our students learn and practice in our education environment if they don’t learn about Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Today nearly every industry...

is digitally transforming itself whether they're producing biopharmaceuticals, semiconductor chips, corn chips, or cellphones. The accompanying high levels of automation and sensors monitoring every process and every piece of equipment generates an unbelievable amount of data. This data can help answer the questions, "How efficient are we?" And "Can we be better?"

Design Thinking for Gender Equity

Alexa Frank and Rachael Munkacsi, Deloitte,
and Hope Cotner, CORD, guests

April 2019 | 00:28:52
Episode 4 Transcript and Show Notes

Gender equity is a critical issue for both education and industry as we face the future of work. In this episode, we discuss how strategies for encouraging equitable representation of women in high-tech industry

sectors might be replicable in STEM and technology programs at two-year technical and community colleges. Deloitte, one of the world's largest management consulting firms, has been very active and forward-thinking in providing insights to future of work discussions. Lessons learned from their work on designing equality in the workplace can be applied to the classroom environment and are potentially scalable to department and college levels.